ARM Objectives

ARM objectives

L’Association des Résidents de Morzine (ARM) is formed of groups of individuals or families who own a second home either in Morzine or in a nearby town.


The ARM has as its main objectives:

• Allow residents to meet and take part in:
Tournaments (tennis, golf, bridge, scrabble, etc.), walks, Nordic walking and hiking, and cultural outings.  Lunches and dinners are organized in the summer and at Christmas that give members the opportunity to meet in an atmosphere of good humor and friendliness. The Association also enables members to organize their own activities.  One way is by using the forum on this website.

• Participate actively in the life of Morzine:
The Office of the ARM meets regularly with the Mayor, members of City Council and the Tourist Office; the Association provides advice and proposals in the management and municipal decisions concerning the future of the town.

• Protect members interests:
The ARM has campaigned for many years for members to have the same rights as permanent residents in Morzine regarding for example the use of facilities such as lifts, swimming pool, etc.

• Inform residents:
An ARM Newsletter, formerly edited and now digitized on this site.  The different sections of the website inform ARM members about the activities of the Association as well as the events and decisions that drive and guide Morzinoise life.  The website is structured to be the focal point for the dissemination of information not only between the Office of the Association and the members (and vice versa) but also between members.

For further information, please contact one of the Committee listed in the "Organization" section or browse the pages of this website where you can find the range of activities we offer, the latest information on ARM and Morzine, and several sections reserved for consultation by its members (the directory of the Association, enrolment in activities, etc.)

Feel free to join us.   A strong membership of ARM enables actions to be more effective and interesting for all.  We currently have about 300 member families, while Morzine count more than 2,000 homes. We can build upon our strength!

Please join ARM by filling in the Membership Form available on this site.

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