ARM Organization

ARM organization

The ARM consists of a Committee and administrative officers.


An AGM is held in early August. Normally the President presents a report of the Association’s activities for the past year and propose guidelines and future actions.  This is followed by the Treasurer's financial report.  it is also an opportunity for the members present or represented to elect members of the Committee of the Association, approve the financial position, vote on the budget and the amount of the subscription for the year to come.

It is also an opportunity for all members to exchange ideas, to learn not only about the actions of the ARM but also on the life and projects of the municipality.  Indeed, each year, the Mayor of Morzine, his deputies and leaders of different departments are cordially invited to the AGM to inform and to debate issues with the members, in a friendly atmosphere appreciated by all. The local press are also invited.

Committee members one or more of the functions of the Committee (President, Secretary, Treasurer) or are responsible for one of the activities offered by the ARM to its members (sports activities, meetings, etc ...).

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